After Setting Up and Activating the LeafLink Integration

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After you activated the integration, it is time for:

  • Category mapping
  • UOM Conversion setup
  • Precision of Sync setup

Once you are done with the steps above, go ahead and do the following to start working!

  1. Sync your items from Flourish to LeafLink.
  2. Sync your orders from LeafLink to Flourish.

Category Mapping

  • When you create a new item or update an existing item in Flourish, the information is sent to LeafLink.
  • Map the item categories between Flourish and LeafLink to ensure your LeafLink items are created with the correct categories.
Your items will still sync if you do not map the item categories. However, the items will be in a default category in LeafLink. Generally, the default LeafLink category is Accessories.

Create and assign your custom item categories to integrate seamlessly with LeafLink!
  1. In Flourish, navigate to Settings > Integrations > LeafLink > Categories.
  2. Locate the Flourish category from the far left column.
  3. Select the LeafLink category from the dropdown in the LeafLink Category column.
  4. If necessary, select the sub-category from the dropdown in the Map to LeafLink Sub Category dropdown.
  5. When you're done, click Save.

UOM Conversion Setup

Add or edit conversions for units of measure from Flourish to LeafLink.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > LeafLink
  2. Select UOM Conversion.
  3. To add new UOM Conversion, click the Add New UOM Conversion button to set the UOM on both platforms
  4. Set the Conversion Factor.

Precision on Sync Setup

Add or edit conversions for units of measure from Flourish to LeafLink.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > LeafLink
  2. Select UOM Conversion.
  3. Select Precision on Sync (Decimals).
  4. For each Flourish UOM, set the Precision on LeafLink Sync (Decimals).
  1. Go to LeafLink > Item Sync.
  2. For each item you want to push to LeafLink, click Activate
    1. That action turns on the E-commerce Active toggle and syncs the item to LeafLink.
Make the sure SKU of the item in Flourish Software matches exactly the SKU of the product in Leaflink and LeafLink. Learn more here.

Sync Orders to Flourish

  • For any existing orders in LeafLink, go to the order and click Edit and Save.
  • Any new orders will flow from LeafLink to Flourish as orders are submitted in LeafLink. The process is as follows:
  1. Items and Inventory numbers are pushed from Flourish to LeafLink.
  2. Customers place orders on LeafLink and they show as Submitted orders.
  3. The orders populate in the Outbound module in Flourish in Created status.
    1. You can identify LeafLink orders using the Customer PO number column in the outbound orders grid.
  4. Allocate the order in Flourish.
    1. When you start allocating the order in Flourish, the order is updated to Accepted in LeafLink. Partially Allocated in Flourish = Accepted in LeafLink.
  5. When the order is Allocated in Flourish, it automatically updates the status to Fulfilled in LeafLink.
  6. Create the shipment in Flourish, assign the order to the shipment, and click Ship Shipment to ship the order.
    For METRC users, this is when you will create a manifest in METRC.
  7. The Ship Shipment button updates the order status in LeafLink to Shipped.
Destinations are automatically created or mapped in Flourish as orders are created in LeafLink. Destinations are never pushed from Flourish to LeafLink.

Order charges and discounts

You can edit the discounts and charges in Flourish and the changes sync to Leaflink. You can also edit the discounts and charges in Leaflink and the edits sync to Flourish.

Disable Items

  1. Toggle the E-commerce Active toggle off in Flourish
  2. Archive the item in LeafLink.
Any issues? Check out LeafLink Troubleshooting 101

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