Export Data to Google Workspace

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Flourish Software enables you to export live data to Google Workspace using Flourish's API to pull data into a Google Sheet.


  1. Create a Google Sheet to pull data into.
  2. Share your Google Sheet. Designate what data to pull into the sheet.
  3. We will set up and follow up to schedule a screen-share meeting with you. In this meeting:
    1. Share your Flourish Software External API Credentials with us. Sharing the API Credentials
      provides us access to export from Flourish to your Google Sheet. You can Generate or Reset the External API key if you haven't before.
    2. We will ensure Flourish exports the data to your Google Sheet and answer questions.

Exported Data

Reference Flourish's API to understand what data is available to pull. Name a tab in your Google Sheet to pull that data into.

  1. Create a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  2. You can pull data into multiple tabs. Decide what data you want to export from Flourish to the sheet. Please see an example in the table below.
  3. Share the Google Sheet with this email: support@flourishsoftware.com.
  4. We will set up a time to meet. When we meet, we will set up the connection, get your Flourish API data, and ensure the export is correct.
  5. You can manipulate the data in the sheet for your purposes.

Data points-tabs

Every data (API Call) you wish to export to Google Sheets will have its own tab in the spreadsheet with the name below:

API Call

Tab Name (case sensitive!) Do not edit the name of the tabs.



Outbound Order Lines

All open order line data.


Outbound Orders

All open orders totals (no order line data)


Inventory Summary

Inventory by Item, with the quantity per item.



Currently in Inventory (Cannabis and non-cannabis, including LOT#, package ID, etc.)


Lab Test Data

All lab test results.



All Items data (active and disabled).



All Strains Data (active and disabled).

Important to know

The following data is on the facility level. Please let us know what Facilities you want to export the data below.

  • Inventory Summary.
  • Inventory.

The rest of the data exports for all the facilities:

  • Outbound Order Lines.
  • Lab Test Data.
  • Items.
  • Strains.

The Tab Name is case-sensitive! Do not edit the name of the tabs.

How to Share

Share your Google sheet with Flourish Software by following the steps below:

  1. Login to your Google account and locate the sheet you want to share.
  2. Go to File.
  3. Select Share / Share with Others.
  4. Add the email support@flourishsoftware.com.
  5. Keep the access level as 'Editor.'
  6. Ensure "Notify people" is checked .
  7. If Google prompts you to add an expiration date, please click "Got It" and do not add an expiration date.
  8. In the Message part, please type (see the example below):
    1. Your name.
    2. Your Company.
    3. The Facility you want to export
    4. What is the Exported Data you want Flourish to export and update?
      You have to include every detail, as you can see in this example:
  9. Click .
  10. Google will acknowledge the following:

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