Change Facility - Move an Outbound Order between Flourish Facilities.

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You can move an outbound order from one Flourish facility to another and keep the same Order ID.


  1. Your user role must enable you to View and Edit Orders under Outbound. Learn more here about User Roles and Facility Permissions.
  2. The order must be in 'Created' status.
  3. The order cannot be synced to QuickBooks Online.

Change Facility

Follow the steps below to move an outbound order from one facility to another.

  1. Go to Outbound / All Orders.
  2. Locate the order. The order must be:
    1. In the 'Created' status.
    2. It is not synced to QuickBooks Online.
      If the order is in 'Allocated' or Partially Allocated status, please remove all the allocated packages to ensure the order is in 'Created' status.
  3. Click Action / Change facility.
  4. Flourish displays the "Select Facility" modal with all the facilities, you have permission to continue with this action.
  5. Select the Facility from the dropdown.
  6. Click .
  7. Note the success message.
    Flourish Software removes the order from the current "All Orders" screen and adds the order to the facility you selected.
  8. In the new facility, you selected, go to Outbound / All Orders and locate the 'Created' order with the same Order ID.

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