2022.06.28 Software Release 4.64.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.64.0


  1. METRC - sync of lab results
    Sync from METRC of lab results recorded for a Production Batch / LOT#.
  2. Performance improvements
    Based on your feedback, we worked to improve your experience and share a couple of significant improvements.
  3. Outbound quick-filters
    The new quick-filters in the Outbound/Orders screen give you instant access to your favorite searches.
  4. Analytics
    1. Enhancements to multiple reports.
    2. New report: Rhode Island Monthly Compliance Dashboard


METRC - sync of lab results

When lab results are recorded in METRC for a production batch, Flourish syncs the lab results for the corresponding LOT# and applies the results for all the packages with this LOT#.

Learn more on Syncing METRC Lab Results.

Performance improvements

We are constantly working to improve your experience, and this release focused on perforce improvements, two of which we'd like to mention:

  • Outbound / Transfers - Transfers page is loading fast!
  • Grow / Harvest Packages - overall performance improvement to the grid and filters.

Outbound quick-filters

We created three quick-filters that give you instant access to your popular searches in the Outbound/Orders screen:

  • Open orders (Default).
  • Shipped Orders.
  • All Orders.



We got your feedback and added more information and filters to the reports below:

Cultivation - Plant Detail Report

  • We added filters (Strain, Plant ID, Plant Phase, Origin Plant ID, Source Package ID) and the source of the plants' data.
  • Please find it in Analytics / Reports / Cultivation/Plant Detail Report.

Cultivation - Plant Kill Log

  • We added columns Weight per plant, Waste Method, and Waste Reason columns (Waste Method and Waste reason are blank for non-METRC clients).
  • Please find it in Analytics / Reports / Cultivation - Plant Kill Log.

Purchasing - Daily Purchasing Report

  • We added Vendor Type as a filter.
  • Please find in Analytics / Reports / Purchasing / Daily Purchasing Report.
See here how to Add Vendor Type.

Compliance - Package Adjustments report

  • We added Unit Cost, Item Price, Total Adjustment Cost, and Total Adjustment Price.
  • Please find in Analytics / Reports / Compliance - Package Adjustments.

A New Report

Rhode Island Monthly Compliance Dashboard

  • The dashboard contains everything our friends in Rhode Island need for compliance reporting.
  • Please find it in Analytics / Dashboards / Rhode Island Compliance Dashboard.

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