Harvest packages and Configuration

Ahh...It's time for Harvest!

You have made it through the entirety of the plant life cycle, and now it is time to reap the benefits. When making harvest packages (a package from a harvested plant) there are a few things to note on the item and harvest configuration to make this all run smoothly.

There are 3 areas that need to be aligned

  1. The Source Type of the item.
  2. The Weights buckets of the harvests.
  3. Available weights in those buckets to package up from.

The Source Type of the item.

The first thing to note is the item you will be making from harvest. This can be any item you wish, be it Fresh Frozen, Flower, Trim, etc. The important piece to note here is what the Source Type is of that item as that is what makes that item available for creation.

A Source Type is a way for you to only see the items you want when you create packages from a harvest.

The item Source Type must match the harvest weight bucket if you want to create a package from this item.

Bulk flower items:

  • The Source Type if the item is 'Flower'
  • The Processing weight bucket 'Flower' must be enabled in the harvest log
  • You must record Dry Flower weight on the harvest.

Item Source Type

Harvest weight bucket

Processing weight bucket


Flower weight

Flower weight


Trim weight

Trim weight


Popcorn weight

Popcorn weight

Fan Leaf

Fan Leaf Weight

Whole Plant (used for Fresh Frozen wet)

Whole Weight

Fresh Frozen (for Dry Weight)

Fresh Frozen

The Weights buckets of the harvests.

Follow the step below to set the Harvest weight bucket and Processing weight bucket:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select Configurations.
  3. Make sure to select the facility you need.
  4. Locate the Processing and the Harvest sections.

The Source type of the item corresponds directly with the harvest log. You can toggle on or off the harvest log "buckets" in the configuration tab under the manage settings page. Highlighted are the "buckets" That you can add weights to during a harvest. Buckets are just categories that you can record weights against. Examples are:

Under the Processing box, these are the options:

These buckets (if turned on) will have a column for you to add weights to in the harvest process. See below:

Available weights

When adding weights to the harvest log, if the item you created source type says "Flower" then you will need weight in the flower box in order to make packages from it. The same applies for items with a source type of "Trim" etc.

NOTE: You can make packages from the "Harvest" tab (Fresh Frozen for example) the same way, just make sure you have the correct harvest "Bucket" turned on and the item is set up with that corresponding source type.

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