Mobile App - Harvest - Scan and Record Weights for Plants

Updated by NIr Malchy

Follow the steps below to use the scanner to record weights for plants.

  1. Open the mobile application.
  2. Tap Cultivation.
  3. Tap Harvests.
  4. Tap Harvests in Progress.
  5. Use the search line to locate the harvest or scroll.
  6. Tap the name of the Harvest you want to work on.
  7. Tap Edit Harvest Wet Weight.
  8. Tap Scan Plant Tags to Harvest .
  9. Scan the ID on the Plant tag.
  10. On the New Record screen, enter the Ref Container and weights. (see this screenshot).
  11. Tap Save Record .
  12. View the data. To edit, tap the pencil icon next to the record and repeat steps 10-11.
  13. Tap Done Harvesting .

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