2023.01.10 Software Release 4.78.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.78.0


  1. Retail
    Display tax breakdown by type on Retail Sales Receipt.
  2. Zapier
    A wide variety of Triggers and Actions via Zapier.
  3. External API
    New and updated Endpoints.



Tax breakdown by type on retail sales receipts

Some states require you to show the tax breakdown by type on retail sales receipts. Flourish Software supports this requirement. Learn more here.


You can do a lot more with Flourish via Zapier. We expanded our integration to enable most of the data points available in the Flourish API to use when integrating into Flourish via Zapier. Learn more here.

External API

New endpoints

New endpoints for managing outbound order payment terms:

  • PostOrderPaymentTerm - Create a new order payment term.
  • GetOrderPaymentTerm - Return an order payment term by ID
  • GetOrderPaymentTerms - Return the list of all available order payment terms, filterable by parameters in the request.

Updated endpoints
  • GetInventory
    • Individual packages returned by this endpoint will now contain a field called external_lab_test_results, which reflects the lab testing status for METRC packages.
  • GetDestinations
    • We have added support for new search parameters to make finding destinations easier: facility_name, alias (DBA), license_number, and a pattern search that matches those other three destination attributes.

Please look at our detailed Flourish API page for details.

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