2021.08.31 Software Release 4.43.0


MMUR updates

  1. Non-cannabis items that are mapped in the Compliance section will be sent to MMUR as delivery devices.
  • When we go to validate a purchase or dispense on completion, we will send delivery devices along with the cannabis amounts, if the cart contains items associated with delivery devices.
  • Each delivery device is associated with a specific order type and method, so the same Flourish item can have multiple delivery devices, the same way it can have multiple order types and methods.
  • Example validation is shown below.

Discounts Enhancement!

  1. Limit number of times a discount can be redeemed per purchase or by a customer and by purchase
  • Max redemptions per purchase: Use to limit the number of times a discount or deal can be applied on a single purchase.
  • Per customer: Use to limit the number of times a single customer can redeem a discount or deal across all their purchases.
  • Read more here


  1. Payment type updates
  • Display enabled payment types only on the payment screen.

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