METRC - Discontinue package in METRC and Re-sync to Flourish

Occasionally, a package may be mistakenly created, or it may be produced in a manner that disrupts the accuracy of test results due to an incorrect production batch. When this happens, it's essential to take action promptly by discontinuing the affected package. This discontinuation process should be initiated prior to any sales, transfers, or adjustments being logged for the package.

If the package is sold, is transferred, or adjusted then you will be unable to discontinue it.

Discontinuing a package serves two key purposes:

  • It relocates the package tag to your "inactive packages" tab, removing it from active inventory.
  • It restores the quantity of the affected package back into its original source package or harvest, rectifying any discrepancies.

To maintain data integrity and streamline your inventory management, promptly discontinue any packages that meet these criteria.

How to Discontinue package in METRC and Re-sync to Flourish

  1. To start, please log in to METRC to discontinue the desired package. Here is a useful resource from METRC that explains this process in further detail: Discontinuing a Package
  2. Once the package is discontinued in METRC, in Flourish, click the Sync METRC Packages button in the All Packages table. Once the sync is successfully completed then the All Packages grid will automatically refresh.

clicking 'Sync METRC Packages' to initiate reverse sync for all inventory
  1. After the package(s) have been successfully synced, change the grid filter from "Active Only" to "All" and then search for the discontinued package ID to ensure it was properly updated to the "Archived" status.
    1. If the package has not updated to the expected "Archived" status, then click the "Sync from METRC" button, which is the button seen next to the package ID on the All Packages grid.
      Click Sync from METRC for a specific package ID
    2. If the package is still not updating to be 'Archived', then please reach out to our Support Team for more assistance.
  2. Lastly, verify that the source package(s) used for the discontinued package have had the correct QTY re-allocated to them.
    1. If the source package has a different QTY in Flourish than what is in METRC, then click the "Sync from METRC" button as described above to get Flourish to match METRC.
  3. You're all set!

Tips: Referencing Package History

For any packages processed in Flourish, we keep all the ancestry and descendant information logged for your reference. Using this tool is a great way to check and verify that all your packages have been accounted for after discontinuing a related source package.

Use the Action > See History tool in Flourish to track down what tags were used and need to be discontinued or resynced.

Click "Action" and then select "See History"
Use the "Ancestry" tab here to see where a package came from. This can be invaluable when identifying cases of mistagging a package with the wrong item name.

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