Change Strain on a Plant

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How do you change the strain on a plant within your seed-to-sale system? Here is a guide for each type of state track and trace integration.

Change Strain with No State Track and Trace

If you're in a state like Arizona, Georgia, or on certain Tribal lands Flourish serves as your state track and trace system of record.

For operations in this state, a new feature is coming soon. For now, please send in a support ticket.

Change Strain in BioTrack Track and Trace

In BioTrack states we can modify the plant's strain within the Flourish cultivation module.

  1. Navigate to the plants screen within the desired growth phase
  2. Select the plants to update
  3. Use the "Change Strain" menu action
  4. Confirm the change

Change Strain in METRC Track and Trace

Metrc does not provide an API endpoint to modify the strain through the integration. If changing the strain is allowed directly within Metrc, make the update in Metrc. After you update the strain in Metrc, log into Flourish and click the sync button. Flourish will automatically change the strain.

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