Checking In a Customer

If you've created your customer's profiles and they're ready to make a purchase, you'll need to check them in first. This process is called Intake or Check-in, and it adds the customer to the Queue to help build their order.

  1. In the POS app, navigate to Intake > Search Customers.
  2. Use the fields at the top to search for the customer. You can search by name, email, phone number, date of birth, or state registry ID.
The first name field looks at the customer's legal name and preferred name. We can search for "Charles" and receive results for "Chuck."
  1. If you can't locate your customer, you may need to create a customer profile for them.
  2. When you locate your customer, click the Add to Queue button.

Your customer is now listed under Queue > In-Store > Checked In. You can click Start Sale to begin building their cart.

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