Ordo Flourish Integration Overview

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What is Ordo?

Ordo is a cannabis-specific CRM for your sales team. 

This integration provides:

  • Live Inventory: View sellable on-hand inventory from Flourish directly inside Ordo.
  • Convert Opportunities: Sales orders from Ordo flow into Flourish for fulfillment and shipping. Eliminate duplicate data entry. 
  • Stay in Sync: Flourish keeps the product catalog and orders in sync with Ordo. Clean and consistent data enables rich reporting. 

Integration details

Data points

  • Items. The item's brand in Flourish Software must match the brand name in Ordo.
  • Sellable quantity from Flourish to Ordo.
  • Payment Status ('Paid') from Flourish to Ordo.
  • Orders from Ordo to Flourish. Updates from Flourish to Ordo.
Flourish Software only syncs items with Brands that match the ones in Ordo.

Working with both platforms

To start working with both platforms, follow the steps below:

  1. Setup the integration.
  2. Sync the inventory.
  3. Follow the Workflow.


In general, you create the orders on Ordo and fulfill them in Flourish Software.

Learn more about the Workflow.

Important to know

  • The Invoice Date does not sync from Flourish to Ordo.
  • Flourish Software users cannot change the order Payment Term. Such change will not sync to Ordo.

Payment terms sync

Currently, payment terms do not sync between the platforms. Any changes should happen on both platforms.

Ordo has two basic Payment terms:

  • Cash.
  • Net Terms (Coming Soon, currently this does not sync).



Ordo assumes that cash payments are Paid when the order is Delivered.

When using the Cash payment term, when the Flourish Software orders are 'Shipped,' the Status in Ordo is 'Paid.' 

Net Terms
(Coming Soon!)
  • Ordo Syncs the Payment term from Flourish Software as "Net Terms" in Ordo.
  • In Ordo, when the payment term to order is "Net Terms," it is NOT 'Paid' when the order is transitioned to 'Delivered'. 
  • In Ordo, you can find this order under the "Collect Payment" column in the Order Activity screen. 
  • When the order is 'Paid' in Flourish, the Status in Ordo is updated to 'Paid'.

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