Retail Discounts Overview

Our retail discount engine is powerful, flexible, and caters to the needs of your business. Below is a quick overview of our discount features with links to additional articles.

The Discount Grid

You can access the discount grid from Admin > Retail > Discounts.

The discount grid displays many discount attributes at a glance. You can search for discounts by name using the search bar, and you can even export your existing discounts to an excel file.

By default, the grid displays all your active discounts, but you can use the tabs to view your active promo codes and discount reasons.

Promo Code

Displays any active promo code discounts you've created.

Discount Reasons

You can use toggles to configure your discounts to require a reason before applying to an order. Creating a new reason is quick and easy!

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Settings > Retail > Discounts.
  2. Click the Discount Reasons tab.
  3. Click the Add New Discount Reason button.
  4. Enter a discount reason in the Description field.
  5. When you're done, click Save.
You can also access Discount Reasons from Settings > Retail > Retail Reasons.

Creating New Discounts

You can find our detailed walkthrough on creating new retail discounts here. When you save your discount, it will become available to apply on the web and point of sale.

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Admin > Retail > Discounts.
  2. Click the Add New Discount button at the top of the grid.
  3. Configure your discount using the options listed below.
  4. When you're done, click Save.


Toggles allow you to change certain aspects of a discount. Whether a discount is active, manager PIN approval is required, or a discount is applied to a cart automatically will all depend on your discount's toggles.

Loyalty Only

More on Loyalty.

  • If a discount is “Loyalty Only,” the POS will never display it on the “Manage Order Discounts” modal.
  • The POS will only display it on the “Loyalty/Discounts” tab only if it is eligible to redeem for the loyalty members.

E-commerce Eligible

"E-commerce Eligible" is used with Jane Technologies (💛Jane) Integration.

Redemption Limitations

By default, Flourish does not limit the number of times a customer can use a discount per purchase. If you want to limit the number of times a customer can use a discount, you'll need to make sure you add per purchase or per customer limitations.

Per Purchase

Use to limit the number of times a discount or deal can be applied on a single purchase.E.g., to prevent a “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” deal from becoming “Buy 10, Get 10 Free”.

Per Customer

Use to limit the number of times a single customer can redeem a discount or deal across all their purchases. If left blank, a customer can redeem an unlimited number of times (subject to per purchase limitation).

Facility Eligibility

You can limit whether a facility can use a discount either by facility tag or by facility name.

  1. In your discount, click the Specific Facilities radio button.
  2. Click the Facility or Tag button depending on how you want to locate your facility.
  3. Use the search bar to find the facility or tag name, then select the desired result to add it to the Included or Excluded list.
By default, your discount is valid at the facility or tag you selected in step 3. You can click the toggle button on the selection in the Included or Excluded list to disable eligibility for that facility or tag.
Facility Preview

After you've selected your facilities or tags, click on the eye icon to view your eligible and ineligible facilities.

Order Attributes

Order attributes allow you to target specific aspects of your order. For example, you can target only in-store orders or orders placed during a certain time of day. You can also stack order attributes for a finely-tuned discount.

You can read more about order attributes for retail discounts here.

Customer Attributes

Customer attributes are similar to order attributes. These allow you to target certain customers by group to determine discount eligibility.

You can read more about Retail Discounts — Customer Attributes here.

Customer groups are not configurable. Need a new group? Please reach out to our support team.

Standard Discounts

Standard discounts are simple. Flourish will calculate a certain dollar amount or percentage off of an order line or the entire purchase.

Some standard discounts will allow you to limit them to certain items by clicking on the Specific button.

You can use the Item, Brand, Category, or Tag buttons to include or exclude items by item name, brand, category, or tag.

You can learn more about standard discounts in our article about standard and advanced discounts.

Eligible Item Preview

After you've filtered your items, you can click on the eye icon to view your eligible and ineligible items.

Advanced Discounts

Advanced discounts are flexible and cater to your specific needs. They require your customer's cart to meet the requirements in The Details section so items in The Deal section can be discounted.

If you want to create BOGO deals, advanced discounts are the way to create them. You can learn more about advanced discounts in our article about standard and advanced discounts, or check out some of the most common discounts and how to create them.

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