Creating a Package of Clones

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners


1 The first step is to open Flourish and click Grow from the left side menu. 

Step 1 image

2 Click Clone

Step 2 image

3 Click Groups in cloning

Step 3 image

4 Select your Group in Cloning. For this demonstration, we are making a package of clones from the group Frosty1. Click Frosty1

Step 4 image

5 Click Frosty1

Step 5 image

6 Review the group of clones. Click the Action Pancake and click Package Plants.

Step 6 image

7 This group of clones has multiple strains. Click the strain you wish to make a package of. Click Blue Dream

Step 7 image

8 Click Clone

Step 8 image

9 Type in the total Number of Plants

Step 9 image

10 Click Review & Confirm

Step 10 image

11 Select the Created Date/Time

Step 11 image

12 Select the new area you are storing the package of clones. Click Store Room

Step 12 image

13 Select the location you are storing the new clones in within the previously selected Store Room. For this demonstration, we are placing the clones on Shelf 2 of the Storage Room. Click Shelf 2

Step 13 image

14 Add any optional Reference Notes and click Create New Package. You can disregard the right side of this menu (Process Duration, Temperature, etc.) if it is unnecessary. Click Create New Package

Step 14 image

15 Your label is created. Click Print

Step 15 image

16 TO leave this screen, click Dismiss

Step 16 image

17 Lets find your newly created package of Blue Dream clones. Click Inventory from the left side menu.

Step 17 image

18 Success! You have created a package of Blue Dream clones. Click the dropdown menu by the line item of clones to see all available action items. Click See History

Step 18 image

19 Click the black drowndown menu by 'See Descendants' and click See Ancestry

Step 19 image

20 This module shows the ancestry of your package of clones.

Step 20 image

21 Let's package these clones for an outbound order. Click Outbound from the left side menu.

Step 21 image

22 Click Create new order

Step 22 image

23 Fill in appropriate fields. For this demonstration, we are assigning the package of Blue Dream clones to an order for Jeffrey's Joint. Click Jeffrey's Joint

Step 23 image

24 Click Start Order

Step 24 image

25 Click Add New Detail

Step 25 image

26 Click Clone

Step 26 image

27 Select the appropriate strain. Click Blue Dream

Step 27 image

28 Adjust the QTY Ordered and click the two green arrows to Allocate to Order Detail

Step 28 image

29 Find the package of clones you wish to allocate. Since we used the optional reference field to indicate the package destination, we know which line item to chose. 

Step 29 image

30 Click Update Allocation

Step 30 image

31 Adjust the Unit Price and click Save

Step 31 image

32 Auto generated PDFs are available for you to email to your contact. 

Step 32 image

33 Congratulations! You have successfully created a package of clones and allocated them to an outbound purchase order. 

Step 33 image

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