Non-METRC Creating a Package of Clones

Packaging clones for sale is quick and easy in Flourish. Clones can be packaged from Cloning Groups, Vegetation Groups, Mother Groups and Flowering Groups. The following article will walk you through the steps of creating a package of clones for our non-METRC integrated users.

Non-METRC Creating a Package of Clones

1 The first step is to open Flourish and click Grow from the left side menu. 

2 Click the phase of the group you wish to package clones from. In this example, we'll package clones from an existing clone group. Click Clone

3 Click Cloning Groups

4 Select your Cloning Group

5 Review the group of clones. Click the Actions dropdown and click Package Plants.

6 Confirm the Package Source Group and Strain

Optional - Leave plant count of source group unchanged if toggled on, the package will be created without decrementing the plant count from the source group

Note - Packages of clones created from plants in Vegetation, Mother or Flower will not consume or destroy the source plant

7 Confirm the new package(s) details

8 Click Review & Confirm

9 Select the Created Date/Time

Optional - Select the Area/Location of the package

Optional - Add Lot Number and Reference field info in applicable. Disregard the Production Batch check box.

10 Click Create New Package

11 Success! You have created a package of clones from a Group in Cloning. To view the package, click Inventory from the left side menu to navigate to the All Packages table.

12 Your package of clones are ready to be added to Outbound orders

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