Jane Technologies (💛Jane) Integration

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What is Jane technologies?

Jane Technologies is the company behind 💛Jane, an e-commerce platform that can help your retail sales in a couple of ways:

  1. A marketplace customers can search for products in all retailers using 💛Jane.
  2. An online menu for your dispensary.

Flourish Software integration with 💛Jane

With Flourish Software & 💛Jane integration enabled, you can fulfill the orders submitted in 💛Jane within Flourish.

Flourish's advanced integration with 💛Jane allows you to enable Flourish-created Items and Flourish Standard Discounts to use with 💛Jane.

Use of Flourish Standard Discounts in 💛Jane is optional. Work with your 💛Jane Account manager to evaluate the 💛Jane/Flourish Discount Integration:

  • The Discount Integration feature allows you to manage one set of discounts (created and managed in Flourish). Along with simple management, you enjoy unified reporting on discounts used.
  • When disabled, orders will come through into Flourish pre-discounted from Jane. You will have to reconcile the discount reporting used between Jane and Flourish. You will have more advanced discounts available for online orders.

Continue reading to see how to integrate and what the workflow is. You are always welcome to reach out to us with any questions.

Integration setup

Prepare the data

In 💛Jane
  1. Reach out to 💛Jane to signup for an account
  2. Provide 💛Jane with the following Flourish details
  3. If you want to send your Flourish Customers into 💛Jane, reach out to your 💛Jane representative.
In the case you have Alpine IQ/💛Jane integration and want to use 💛Jane and Flourish. Alpine IQ points are earned and redeemed when the invoice is finalized, which happens in Flourish with our Alpine IQ integration.

To avoid issues, you need to turn off the Alpine IQ/💛Jane integration.
In Flourish

Select the items and the Standard discounts you want to send to 💛Jane.

You only need to configure your items if you don't use the Discount integration.

Item Configuration

The item must be:

  1. Active.
  2. Sellable.
  3. "E-Commerce Active".

See how to configure your items.

Discount Configuration

To work with Jane, your Flourish Discount must be:

  1. Active.
  2. Standard.
  3. E-commerce Eligible.

Standard discounts Configuration

Set the Standard discounts to "E-commerce Eligible" to sync to 💛Jane. See the instructions below.


  1. A customer submits an order in Jane.
    1. Delivery.
    2. Pickup.
  2. The order flows to Flourish Retail.
  3. Jane will try to match existing clients. If there is no match - Jane will create a new client in Flourish.
  4. In Flourish:
    1. The staff should check for possible customer duplication in Flourish and Merge the customer profiles if needed.
    2. The team may need to validate the order with any medical state registry/limits.
    3. Apply any specialty or Customer Group discounts and other promotions that cannot be applied in 💛Jane.
    4. The team proceeds to process the retail order in Flourish. The order is finalized in Flourish.
  5. Flourish Software notifies 💛Jane when an order is completed.

Important to know

  • If the customer cancels an order in 💛Jane, Flourish will cancel the order.
  • Any updates to an order are made only in Flourish.
  • 💛Jane cannot receive finalized invoice details from Flourish.
  • If the shopper select using CanPay at checkout for pick up, once the order is packed in Flourish, an email is sent to the shopper with a link to enter their CanPay pin and pay their invoice. The store then gets a printed receipt when the order is paid.
  • In case of using the discounts integration: If the partner sets a discount on Jane instead of using the discount integration, Jane will push the name of the discount into the Notes field of the order, and the team will need to apply the discount manually.

Items and Discounts setup

Please follow the steps below to configure your items and discount to connect to 💛Jane.

Configure your items

Your Flourish Items must be:

  • Active.
  • Sellable.
  • E-Commerce Active.
The best way is to Update Items in bulk.
Configure a single item
  1. Go to Settings / Inventory.
  2. Locate the item you want to edit.
  3. On the “Product Info” Tab:
    1. Click Edit
    2. Locate Rules
    3. Toggle ON “E-Commerce Active” and "Sellable".
  4. Click Save.
Some other Rules may apply that are not covered here. This is an example of how to set the rules “E-Commerce Active” and "Sellable".

You can also set "E-Commerce Active" for an item by selecting the “Ecommerce” Tab and setting the item to “Active”.

  1. Click Edit
  2. Toggle ON “E-Commerce Active”.
  3. Click Save.

Flourish Discounts

Your Flourish Discount must be:

  1. Active.
  2. Standard.
  3. E-commerce Eligible.

The Summary below, learn more on Retail Standard and Advanced Discounts

  1. A Standard discount:
    1. Discounts the entire cart or specific items.
  2. An Advanced discount:
    1. Offers a deal based on what the customer purchases.

To see if your discount a Standard or Advanced:

  1. In Flourish, navigate to Settings > Retail > Discounts.
  2. Locate the discount you want to edit.
  3. Look at the STD/ADVANCED column information:
  4. You can also click the name of the Discount to edit and see:
Configure a Standard Discount
  1. In Flourish, navigate to Settings > Retail > Discounts.
  2. Locate the discount you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Toggle the "E-commerce Eligible" field ON.
  5. Click Save.
We developed a v2 of the PostRetailOrder endpoint. Retail orders sent by an external system to this new endpoint will now pass through the Flourish discount engine to automatically apply discounts not configurable as Ecommerce Eligible (and therefore unlikely to have been included in the request). Advanced discounts, customer group discounts, single-use promo codes, and more will now be automatically applied to give your customers the best possible deal. Learn more about the Flourish External API.

More on Discounts

When 💛Jane sends the order details to Flourish, it sends the items and discounts per the facility. 💛Jane inquires Flourish about all applicable discounts at the facility level, which are active 'now'.

The item will not be discounted when the item is not:

  • Applicable for the discount.
  • Sellable.
  • Active.
  • Ecommerce active.
Facility and Item Eligibility
  • Discounts can be available or not in many aspects, including Facility (by Tag) and by time (within each Facility's Timezone).
  • You can see, in Flourish, what facilities and Items are eligible for a specific discount.
  • When you edit the retail order, you can click the eye icon to see the Facility and item Eligibility:
  • Facility Eligibility

Item Eligibility

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