My package is out of sync

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We want to resolve sync issues as soon as possible because they might create compliance issues.

Flourish Software is giving you the tools to resolve package sync issues instantly and the support to quickly resolve issues you cannot fix by following the steps below.

What is happening?  

 When I look at my inventory, I see the red "Out of Sync" icon in the "SYNC STATUS" column.    

How can I fix that?  

In some cases, you will be able to sync the package to METRC immediately, and you'll be good to go!

Usually, following the simple steps below will sync the package (click here to see how it works):

  1. Click the "Out of Sync" red icon.
  2. Click Retry
  3. Note the message on the screen
  4. Click Dismiss
  5. Find the package again in the "Inventory" screen and verify it is in sync.

For example, You can probably resolve this immediately: How To Retry sync - a case of invalid tag

You can try clicking the Sync from METRC button if the package was already created or updated in METRC.

What is the difference between Retry and Sync from METRC?
Let's say, for example, tag 1234 is out of sync.
- Retry - tries to create tag 1234 in METRC
- Sync from METRC - gets tag 1234 from METRC.

I tried, and it doesn't work

Perhaps you'd rather remove this package as if it had never been created. Now you can do it by using the Undo Package button!

As mentioned, in some cases, you can immediately sync the package to METRC.

In other cases, you need to resolve the issue that prevents the package from syncing and try again. 

It is essential to know why the package went out of sync; to do that, click the "Out of Sync" red icon and view the information in the middle of the screen.
For example
  1. You have an invalid API key
  2. You create a package, and it goes out of sync
  3. The "Context" will display some kind of "User Not Authorized" message
  4. Update the API key, and then retry using the same steps (click here to see how it works).

Still does not work. What do I do now?

  1. Email  or reach out via the Support portal. 
  2. Copy and paste the ID of the package that is out of sync. 
  3. Please let us know the relevant facility name If you have multiple facilities.

We will respond and resolve this issue for you. We might need to ask you more questions, but be assured that help is coming!

I made changes in METRC

When you create a package in Flourish and successfully sync into METRC, you can change that package, in METRC, to a new item/strain within 24 hours. Flourish updates the item/strain on the package when it gets pulled from METRC on the next sync. If the package is an input or output package on a manufacturing run, Flourish updates the run.

The one exception:

Suppose the package is already allocated to an outbound order under a specific item, and the item changes in METRC. In that case, you will need to remove the package from the order and re-run the sync to update the package.

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