2023.10.17 Software Release 4.96.0

Version 4.96.0


Flourish Software Hub
We are looking forward to you and your team Joining the Hub!

  1. Integrations
    1. Flourish now integrates with CYBRA MarkMagic®.
    2. BioTrack Integration.
    3. Outfield Product Template.
  2. Online Lab Results Portal!
    Coming soon, Flourish Software is releasing the online COA portal!
  3. Retail
    1. Scan to add non-cannabis items to orders in POS.
    2. The validation message when Ending Float differs from the Starting Float when closing a Till.
  4. Admin
    The Item SKU field now has a max of 100 characters.
  5. METRC
    Flourish now sends the Employee ID or Permit number to populate the driver "Employee ID".
  6. External API
    Added GetSalesReps to the external API for Outbound Orders.


Flourish Software Hub

We're looking forward to having you, our partners, and potential customers connect & learn all in one central hub. 

This Hub is core to our mission to support the success and growth of the cannabis industry. 

Use the courses to onboard or refresh yourself and any new team member onto Flourish Software.

Here's What to Expect:

🌟 Continuing education & courses on core concepts & best practices around running a cannabis operation in conjunction with technology. 

💡Access to formalized onboarding videos to help you and your team better understand the 'why' behind the software.

🤝 A place for our customers to collaborate, meet with our partners, and share best practices and wins. 

Click here and send to your team to Join the Hub!


CYBRA MarkMagic®

Flourish now integrates with CYBRA MarkMagic®. This 3rd party software provides users with a robust label template platform that helps users' labels meet compliance requirements. Users will now see this on the Integrations page, and you can now print labels from Flourish that were created in CYBRA MarkMagic® Learn more here.

Please email support@flourishsoftware.com or contact us if you are interested in the CYBRA MarkMagic® solution.
BioTrack Integration

We are excited to have our that are integrated with BioTrack, and we are happy to share the BioTrack Cultivation Guide!

Outfield Product Template

Outfield is a world-class CRM and sales gamification Software. Use this report for the initial data load from Flourish Software to Outfiled. 

Find this report on Analytics / Reports / Integrations - Outfield Product Template. Look for the Flourish-Outfield integration coming soon!

Online Lab Results Portal!

Coming soon: Flourish Software is releasing the online COA portal!

You can designate lab result COA PDF as 'Primary'. Lab test results marked as 'Primary' will be stored online, and you can access and download the lab results data for convenience and compliance purposes. We have an early peek for you; check out this example page and use the example to see how it works! 


Scan to add non-cannabis items

Previously, you could only manually add non-cannabis order lines to retail purchases in the POS. By scanning the SKU barcode, you can add non-cannabis items to retail purchases to improve workflow. Learn more about retail purchases in the POS.

Ending Float Validation

To help users record accurate Closing Tills, Flourish now shows a validation message if the Closing Till differs from the Starting Till. Learn more about Closing a Till.


Increased SKU Characters Limit

We increased the SKU field character limit from 45 to 100 characters to accommodate users who prefer longer SKU names. Learn more about Item Creation and Management.


Driver "Employee ID"

Before, Flourish would only populate the Employee ID on the transfer template in METRC if defined in Flourish. Nowt Flourish will send the Employee ID or Permit number to populate the driver "Employee ID" in METRC. Learn more about managing drivers.

We are still looking for an alternative solution for our Chrome extension since recent changes made by METRC prevent it from working.

External API


We added GetSalesReps to the Flourish external API for Outbound Orders. This unblocks the WooCommerce integration for clients where Sales Reps is a required field. Learn more here.

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