2020.04.13 - Software Release 4.9.2


April 13, 2020




  1. Item Available Quantities
  2. Tagging Drivers/Vehicles


  1. Item Available Quantities

  • We added additional Item Quantities to the Inventory>All Inventory grid.
    • Sellable - Qty available to sell. Sellable = Available - On order - Allocated - Locked
    • On-order - Qty on order
    • Allocated - Qty allocated to orders
    • Locked - Qty in a Locked status
  • To turn these columns on, select the grid configuration modal
  • Then turn on the new columns moving the toggle to green

  1. Tagging Drivers/Vehicles

We added the ability to tag Drivers and Vehicles. This works for Retail Deliveries and Outbound Shipments. Tagging allows users to control what Driver or Vehicles are available to choose from their respective drop downs in the application. If certain Drivers or Vehicles are only used at a facility this is a great way to limit the selection.

  • Make sure to tag the Driver/Vehicle with the same tag as the facility.
    • Drivers Tagging - Admin Settings>Distribution>Drivers>Configure Driver
    • Vehicles Tagging - Admin Settings>Distribution>Vehicles>Configure Vehicle

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