Recording Waste for Harvests (METRC)

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This article is specific to METRC, which has requirements for reporting harvest weights.. Non-METRC clients have more flexibility.

Recording waste syncs to METRC and updates the harvest and waste logs.

Harvest wet waste

Please make sure to sync the harvest before you record the waste. The harvest is created in METRC only after you sync the harvest to METRC. Only after the harvest is in METRC can you create waste associated with the harvest.

  1. Log wet weights for each plant.
  2. Sync the harvest to METRC.
  3. Log the total wet waste using the "Record Waste" menu option:

Harvest dry waste

Log the total dry waste using the "Record Waste" menu option:

You cannot record waste on the harvest log, but it updates when you record the waste via the action menu.

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