Creating New Outbound Shipments

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Follow these steps to initiate shipments of inventory leaving your facility:

  1. Click Outbound from the left side navigation
  2. Click Shipment from the top ribbon
  3. Click Create A Shipment from the drop-down menu
  4. Select appropriate fields
    1. Driver Info:
    2. Vehicle Info:
    3. Distributors:
  5. Click Create Shipment green button
  6. Click green ‘+’ button to Assign Orders/Stop
  7. Select Sales Order number from the drop-down menu under “Order#’
Note: All available Sales Orders that have not been attached to a Shipping Manifest are available in this drop-down menu. The most recently placed order is at the top.
  1. Adjust ‘Time of Departure’ and ‘Est. Arrival Time’
  2. Continue to add orders/stops by clicking the green ‘+’ button
Re-Order stops on the shipment as needed by clicking and dragging the stop above or below another stop.
  1. Once finished, click Save Shipment
  2. Look over details, if everything looks correct click Ship Shipment
  3. Confirm details, click Ship It or Ship it Later
  4. Click the grey printer button to print your manifest

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