Print Labels For Non-Cannabis Items


Labels for non-cannabis items are "Product Labels (Non-Cannabis)".

Print Labels for non-cannabis items in two places:

  1. An Inbound Order
  2. The All inventory screen in the Inventory module
Learn more about configuring labels here.

From the Inbound Order

  1. Go to Inbound.
  2. Click on the number of the Purchase order.
  3. Next to the order line, click the Print Product Labels action.

From All Inventory Table

  1. Click Inventory from the Left sidebar.
  2. From the Inventory/All Packages table, click the Inventory tab dropdown, then select All inventory.
  3. Find the desired item and click Action/Print product labels.
  4. In the Print Product Labels screen:
    1. Set the quantity to print from each LOT.
    2. Select the printer.
    3. Select the label template.
    4. Click Print Product Labels.

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