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Understanding Inventory

Flourish is your source of truth for all of your inventory whether it's cannabis/hemp or non-cannabis/hemp. Core to any facility type in your setup you'll find Inventory on the left menu.

When you first enter the Inventory grid, you'll see all of your cannabis and hemp packages with a unique Package ID for each. Each package is an item in your Item Master. There can be multiple packages of an item, and if you're using lot number, multiple packages can be part of the same lot even if they are different items.

By navigating to the top left under Inventory, find different views including All Inventory which would be comprised of all items within inventory (cannabis/hemp, supplies, raw materials). The default view is All Packages.

View only Available Only (unconsumed) inventory or All inventory:

Each inventory line item under the "All Inventory" view will have multiple columns for quantities:

Column Name



Total quantity for this item in the system.


Total quantity that are locked and unavailable for use.

On Order

Total "ordered' - the quantity that is 'Ordered' on all sales orders not yet shipped.


Total quantity that has been actually been allocated on all sales orders not yet shipped.


Total quantity that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Locked
  • Allocated
  • Used as an input to a manufacturing run in progress


Qty minus Non-available.


The quantity that is available to sell based on the definitions above.

In other words: The total available quantity of the item in the facility that is not already on order, allocated, locked, or otherwise reserved.

Total Packages

Number of total packages under the item.

Average Total Unit Cost

Weighted average of all packages of an item * total qty

Average Available Unit Cost

Weighted average of all packages available packages

Total Available Cost

Average Available Unit Cost * Total Available Qty

Total Non-Available Cost

Weighted average of non-available packages of an item * Non-Available quantity

Total Cost

Total on hand qty * Weighted Average of all On Hand Packages of an Item

Note: These columns can be toggled on or off from view as well as re-ordered.

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