4b. Managing Destinations

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Destinations are companies that users can create an order or shipment to move product to.

Some examples of destinations are: dispensaries, your other facilities, distributors, and perhaps even patients or customers depending on your license type and state regulations.

Most fields in this screen are standard demographic fields but many are quite specific to Flourish. Below is a chart of these special fields. From top down, left to right, row by row.



State License # and State License Expiration

These are printed on various shipping documents such as the packing list and invoice PDF files associated to the order.

Flourish Facility ID

This field is created and managed by Flourish. It is a unique identifier within your instance.

Local License

Some local cities or counties provide a local license to operate.

Destination Name

This name will also show on packing lists and invoices as the "Destination" and "Ship To" locations, respectively.

Destination Type

Destination Type defines where you can ship certain products within sales orders.

Excise Tax for this Destination

This is currently applicable for California clients only. This is the tax rate to calculate excise tax on outbound orders.

Sales Rep

Sales Reps are associated with specific destinations for use in drop down lists within orders. You can add multiple Sales Reps here. They will appear on order creation screens in alphabetical order by first name.

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Tutorial: Managing Destinations


  1. Open Flourish Software and navigate to Settings 
Step 1 image
  1. Click Manage Settings
Step 2 image
  1. Click Distribution
Step 3 image
  1. Click Destinations
Step 4 image
  1. Click All destinations
Step 5 image
  1. Click Add New
Step 6 image
  1. Enter in the Destination Name and the Destination Type. For this demonstration, we are adding a dispensary destination called Northpoint Dispensary 
Step 7 image
  1. Enter in all necessary information. For B2B transfers, a state Cannabis license is required for compliance. 
Step 8 image
  1. If necessary, toggle on Add a Destination contact person info and enter in available data.
Step 9 image
  1. Click Save Destination
Step 10 image
  1. Congratulations! You have successfully added a new destination. 
Step 11 image
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