Split Packages During Order Allocation

Allocate and Split Packages

Flourish is able to create packages from packages during the allocation/fulfillment process of the order itself to match the required quantity.


  1. Sales Rep 2 uses the mobile app or web app to create a sales order through the Flourish mobile app based off of live sellable quantities.
  2. If approvals are enabled, a manager approves the sales order.
    Note: if the approval flag is toggled off this step can is skipped.
  3. The order is ready to be allocated, in this case with a quantity of 10.

  1. When allocating the order, if there is a package or combination of packages that totals the the quantity ordered, these can be allocated to match.
  1. If no packages match the order required quantity, highlight a source package, click the (+) button, and create a new package. In this scenario, we have an ordered quantity of 10.

If there is a need to split a package to accommodate the ordered quantity, create packages on the fly.

Note: This is especially valuable to METRC customers who should follow the same process. The new package(s) will be created syncing to METRC the newly consumed tag(s) and decrementing the quantities of the source package(s).

  1. 1.) Check the quantities and number of packages of the new package
    2.) Use the required quantity, or use the entire quantity of the source package if you choose to over allocate the quantity ordered
    3.) Flourish will verify that the quantity of the new package balances with the input from the source package.

  1. Confirm the new package creation (for METRC customers, this is needed for METRC syncing)

  1. The new package is created on the fly, and all results are recorded without having to perform this action from core inventory

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