Inventory Audits

Inventory Audits

There are two types of Inventory Audits where a user might need package history or item history over a date range.

1. Inventory Auditing

Each time there is an event associated with an inventory item (cannabis package or non-cannabis item), Flourish will track the item, user, package, event, quantity associated with the event, date, facility, and other pertinent info to ensure visibility across a selected date range. The events tracked in an the Inventory Audit tool are:

  • Start (qty at the start date of the audit)
  • Create
  • Consumed (in a manufacturing run)
  • Adjusted
  • Shipped

To audit an item's activity:

  1. Go to Inventory.
  2. Select Audit / Inventory auditing.
  3. Select the item using the dropdown under SKU Name (you can type the name of the item)
  4. Select the Strain if relevant.
  5. Select the Start date and the End date.
  6. Click .
  7. You can export to excel by clicking .

2. Package History

If there's a package whose history is in question, Flourish can pull the Ancestry (parent) packages associated with a specific Package ID as well as the Descendants (children) packages associated with a particular package. For instance, if a package of Kids These Haze - Lemon Bars was created then later split into two, find the child Package IDs from the original Package ID by navigating to Inventory on the left menu, finding Audit at the top, choosing Package history, and entering the Package ID.

Conversely, if we find the Source Package of the original event find all associated packages ever created or affiliated with the original package.

Note: this is the same as choosing "See History" from the Package ID in the Inventory Grid.

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