2023.11.28 Software Release 4.98.0

Version 4.98.0


  1. Grow
      Added the ability to move a non-METRC harvest back to Flowering.
  2. Outbound
    We added Employee ID to the Flourish Manifest by Package ID export PDF.
  3. Admin
    1. Added a sync status symbol to the item Product Info page.
    2. You can now un-sync items at METRC facilities.
    3. You can now upload photos of existing items, labels, and packaging.
  4. Manufacturing
    Made enhancements to improve loading times when using Manufacturing runs.
  5. Analytics
    1. Added an "Order Due Date" filter to the Accounts Receivable & Accounts Receivable (Payment Details) reports.
    2. The Green Check Sales Summary report is available to all NY clients.
    3. Added the global report Retail - Customer Purchases Report.



Non-METRC move harvest back to Flowering

Sometimes, harvesting mistakes must be corrected by moving the harvested plants back into flowering. To better support all our users, non-METRC Flourish users can now do this. METRC users have already had this feature available, and now it's open to non-METRC users!

Learn more about moving a harvest back to flowering.


Employee ID to the Flourish export manifest by package ID

We added the Employee ID field to the Manifest by Package ID export PDF to accommodate Arizona compliance requirements. Learn more about Managing Drivers and printing manifests.


Product Info Sync Status Symbol

For an improved user interface experience, a sync status symbol will now appear next to the item name on the product information page. Learn more about item creation and management.

Un-sync An Item From a METRC Facility

When an item is synced with METRC and changed in METRC, METRC does not update Flourish Software. To help you correct mistakes and prevent incorrect item mapping, users can now un-sync a synced item from the METRC facility where you made the change. Un-syncing deletes the item record at that Facility in Flourish, allowing you to recreate the item in Flourish and sync it to METRC. Learn more about un-syncing an item from a METRC facility.

Upload Photos to Items

Flourish now supports uploading photos of existing items, labels, and packaging.

This feature is a step towards allowing you to create Flourish items and sync them to METRC. You can now upload photos to existing items, but these photos do not sync with METRC. Learn more about creating and managing items in Flourish.  


Performance Enhancement

We listened to your feedback and made enhancements drastically improving loading times and performance when using manufacturing runs. When adding inputs to a run, the item selection dropdown loads 50 items at a time rather than the whole item master. This enhancement means faster loading times when adding inputs. You may need to type a few characters into the search field to find most items. Learn more about manufacturing runs in Flourish.


Accounts Receivable & Accounts Receivable (Payment Details)

We added the "Order Due Date" filter to the Accounts Receivable & Accounts Receivable (Payment Details) reports for more filter options. You can find these reports under Analytics/Reports/Sales.

Order Due Date:

When the order is ‘Shipped’

  • Order Due Date” = “shipped timestamp” + Days on Payment Terms.

When the order is not ‘Shipped’

  • Order Due Date” = “Requested Delivery Date + Days on Payment Terms.
Green Check Sales Summary

New York clients use Green Check, which sends reports to financial institutions, keeping the clients compliant with cannabis banking. The Green Check Sales Summary report is now available to all NY clients to send to Green Check to remain compliant. Find this report in Analytics/Reports/Sales.

Retail - Customer Purchases Report

The Retail - Customer Purchases Report is a global report that shows customers by the number of orders and total spent per facility. It is located in Manage Settings/Analytics.

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