Leaflink Brands and Product Lines

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Flourish supports using multiple Brands within one Leaflink page/company.

Using this configuration, make sure your "Brand" and "Product Line" match the two platforms.

  • Match on the Brand: The Brand of the item in Flourish must match the Brand in Leaflink.
  • Match on Product line: The Product Line must exist in Leaflink under the specific Brand.



In Leaflink, you have four Brands on your company/page:

Product Lines

In Leaflink

  • Under the Company to which the item is synced, you must have a "Rose Gardens" Brand.
  • Under the Rose Gardens Brand, you must have a "Flower" Product Line.
    Leaflink will display all Product Lines prepended by the Brand. This means that Product Line "Rose Garden - Flower" is named "Flower".

To manage Product Lines in Leaflink:

  1. Go to Inventory > Product Lines
  2. Enter the Manage Product Lines screen.

In Flourish

The item 3.5g Flower Blue Dream has the following:

  • Brand: "Rose Gardens"
  • Product Line: "Flower"

After the sync

After the sync, this is how the Product looks in Leaflink:

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