Flourish - LeafLink Integration Overview

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LeafLink connects thousands of retailers with brands and distributors for streamlined cannabis commerce.

The integration with Flourish is the most comprehensive in the market. You can quickly fulfill Leaflink orders using the Flourish outbound module, keep inventory levels in sync, and more.

We built this integration with Leaflink to give you:

  1. Real-time visibility to inventory.
  2. Enter data once.
  3. Make the sales process simple, efficient, and straightforward.

If you rely on LeafLink to sell your products, Flourish Software is the best system to do that.

Match your workflow

We worked closely with Leaflink to answer how people use both platforms.

Custom to your needs

We created a flexible integration that can work in several ways to match the way you want to handle your items and inventory in Leaflink:

  1. Flourish is the source of truth for the inventory levels in Leaflink in real time.
  2. Flourish is the source of truth for the product description in Leaflink.
  3. Flourish is the source of truth for both inventory levels and product descriptions in Leaflink.

Learn more on Rules Setup here.

Supporting multiple Flourish facilities

Do you need Leaflink orders to flow to different Flourish facilities? No problem!

Learn more about Sales Reps.

We use Item Brand to integrate one Flourish facility with multiple Leaflink accounts and brands.

Learn more about Brands here.

How it works

The basics

The platforms connect on several data points; here are the major ones.

  1. Inventory - Flourish inventory levels updates Leaflink in real-time (if you choose to set it up this way).
  2. Customers in LeafLink are Destinations in Flourish.
  3. Orders - Orders created are updated in Leaflink sync to Flourish. Flourish updates Leaflink in the process of fulfillment.
  4. Items in Flourish are Products in LeafLink.
  5. Leaflink Product Listing State.

Learn more on Data Points here

Essential platforms communications


Flourish updates Leaflink (based on the Rules Setup here)




Create or update an item and enable it to e-commerce

Creates/updates the product in Leaflink

Item Sellable Quantity changes

Updates the Available quantity in Leaflink


Leaflink updates Flourish Software




A new Customer creates a sales order in Leaflink

A new Destination is created in Flourish


Both platforms update each other through the life cycle of an order.

This part explains:

  • Flourish Software order status and the corresponding order status in Leaflink
  • The flow - a status update in one platform triggers a status update on the other platform. The arrows show this dependency.

Flourish does not update LeafLink with newly added or updated order line information. Unless otherwise noted, Flourish only updates the status of orders in LeafLink. If you want to add or change an order line to your order, make the changes in Leaflink, and when you save the order, the changes will sync to Flourish Software.

Leaflink updates Flourish:

Leaflink Order Status


Flourish Order Status

Submitted / Accepted / BackOrder

You can set the Status of the order in Leaflink that you want to sync to Flourish. Learn more here.






Canceled -

When a Leaflink client cancels their order.


*Flourish cancels all the 'Combined' orders and creates a new order, following the new order created in Leaflink.

Flourish updates Leaflink:

Flourish Order Status


Leaflink Order Status



Partially Allocated






Order Payment terms

For payment terms that are supported in Leaflink (see below):

  • When you set the payment term for an outbound order (linked to a Leaflink order) in Flourish and save, Flourish updates the Leaflink order with the payment term.
  • When you set the payment term for an outbound order (linked to a Flourish order) in Leaflink and save, Leaflink updates the Flourish order with the payment term.

Payment terms that are supported in Leaflink:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Consignment
  • Net 3
  • Net 7
  • Net 10
  • Net 14
  • Net 15
  • Net 20
  • Net 30
  • Net 60
  • Net 90
  • Pre-Payment

Some more payment terms are internal to Leaflink and are not supported.

The listing states for products in LeafLink are:

  • "Available"
  • "Archived" 
  • "Sample" 
  • "Backorder" 
  • "Internal" 
  • "Unavailable"

Items created in Flourish and synced to LeafLink are created, in Leaflink, with the "Available" listing state.

Previously, updating an item in Flourish, like the product line, would sync to LeafLink and always set the product to "Available." After receiving client feedback, we changed this behavior, and the sync of an item to Leaflink does not change the listing states for products in LeafLink.

Sell in Multiples

In Leaflink, when the "Units of Measure" for a product is 'Unit' ('Each'), you can set the item to "Sell in Multiples". When you do that, you designate the "Individual units per case". When you create the order in Leaflink, you can designate the number of cases you sell. When the order syncs to Flourish Software, you will see the corresponding number of caches accordingly. Learn more here.

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