2023.05.02 Software Release 4.85.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.85.0


  1. METRC
    More updates in METRC sync to Flourish. Immature plant batch tag or plant batch name in METRC when reverse-syncing cultivation.
  2. Custom Views
    Efficiently access customized data views with our new feature.
  3. LeafLink
    Changes to the Exclude Facilities LeafLink inventory sync.
  4. QuickBooks Online
    Control who can sync Outbound orders to QuickBooks Online.
  5. POS
    Update the language in the POS Pickup/Delivery queue.
  6. Admin
    1. Managing Your Compliance System Credentials Flourish.
    2. Sync Categories from METRC.



Cultivation Reverse Sync: As we progress towards completely syncing all your cultivation from METRC, we now support changing the plant batch tag or plant batch name in METRC when reverse-syncing cultivation. Learn more here.

Custom Views

Customize your data views for quick and easy access to your needed information. Learn more here.

Flourish now syncs inventory from all facilities to LeafLink. To manage which facilities you want to sync to LeafLink, you can exclude facilities from the sync to LeafLink. Learn more here.

If you have an existing integration with Leaflink, your settings are not going to change, and there is nothing you need to do to maintain your workflow.

Enable Syncing Orders to Quickbooks

We got your feedback, and you can now manage which users that can sync Outbound Orders to QuickBooks. Learn more here.

Update to POS Pickup/Delivery queue

We updated the POS UI to show Expected pickup or Expected delivery.


Managing Your Compliance System Credentials Flourish

With Flourish's growing integration with BioTrack, we updated how to managing Your Compliance System Credentials Flourish. Learn more here.

Syncing of Classes and Categories from METRC

When creating or managing custom classes and categories, Flourish can now actively sync/refresh the available list. This is for situations where the class/category might exist in METRC, but you don't see it in the dropdown in Flourish. Learn more here.

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