METRC - Create a Transfer Template

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Sync your Flourish outbound shipment to create a transfer template in METRC.

We added the Create Transfer button to the outbound shipment screen to sync your shipment -- complete with driver(s), vehicle, route, destination, and packages -- to METRC as a transfer template. We now show the shipment's sync status at the top of the page, which you can click to open a modal window for additional details.

You must go to METRC to complete the Transfer.

What is the process?

  1. Create a shipment in Flourish Software. 
  2. Sync the shipment to METRC - that will create a transfer template in METRC. 
  3. Go to METRC and generate a transfer from the transfer template. 
  4. Ship the shipment in Flourish Software. 
You can still use the Flourish Chrome extension If you prefer.

How do I sync the shipment to METRC?

In Flourish Software, you take the usual steps to create a sales order and assign it to a shipment. Follow the steps below to sync the shipment to METRC and ship it:

  1. You must select the Transfer Type on an Order before you can create a Transfer:
  1. The Order must have packages assigned.
  2. Select a Distributor on the Shipment (Flourish will default this value to the shipping facility if one is not selected.)

  1. Click the Create Transfer button!

  1. The transfer template manifest number will be populated from METRC in Flourish.
  2. In METRC
  • Go to Transfers and select Templates from the dropdown(see here)
  • Click 'Use' to convert the template to a Transfer
  • Verify all the details are correct.
There is a known issue in METRC upon generating the transfer, where certain details that were present on the template are omitted. Worry not; you can use the Flourish Chrome extension to re-populate those.
  • Click 'Register'
  1. In Flourish Software, ship the shipment!

How do I know my shipment is synced to METRC?

Before you click the Create Transfer button, the Sync Status is Not Synced.

Once the template is has been submitted, the sync status will change, and if everything synced successfully, you would notice the following:

  • The Sync Status is In Sync.
  • The template Manifest Number.
  • Instead of Create Transfer you will be able to Update Transfer by clicking Update Transfer.

If the transfer template fails to sync for any reason, you'll see the following:

What do I do if the shipment did not sync to METRC?

  1. Click on the to view the Sync Status Detail:

Flourish displays why the shipment is not in sync in the Context field:

  1. Resolve the issue.
  2. Click Create Transfer again.

What if I make changes to the shipment after I have created the transfer template in METRC?

Once the transfer template has been successfully generated in METRC, the shipment screen's Create Transfer button will change to an Update Transfer button. The transfer template can be updated until you take action to generate the transfer in METRC.

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