2023.08.08 Software Release 4.92.0

Updated by Jay Kasbohm

Version 4.92.0


  1. METRC
    Missouri deployed the new “Final Packaging” categories, and we have imported these new categories to your Flourish Software instance. 
  2. Inventory
    1. Lab Test Result is now filterable in the All Packages table.
    2. Retry sync now supports out-of-sync packages created from a mother plant or plant batch.
  3. Retail
    1. Updated the date inputs on the Customer Profile page in the web app and POS.
    2. The Expiration date can now be in the past when adding a document in POS.
  4. QuickBooks
    1. Automatically create an invoice in QBO when an outbound order is shipped in Flourish.
    2. We now support "Non-Inventory" and "Service" QBO item types.
  5. Admin
    1. Updated the Rules section in the Item Description.
    2. Added Product Line and Usable Cannabis per Unit to the label maker.
  6. Analytics
    Global Expiring Packages Report.
  7. External API
    Added on_order_qty to the GetInventorySummary Endpoint.



METRC MO deployed the new “Final Packaging” categories. We are in close contact with our Missouri clients and METRC to support and assist with this transition. Learn more about the Missouri 2023 Categories Transition


Grid Enhancement

Would you like only to see what passed the test results? No problem! We added filters to the Lab Test Result column to improve sorting in the All Packages table. 

Retry Sync Enhancement

You can now use Retry Sync for packages created from a plant batch or mother plant. Learn more about resolving out of sync packages here.


Customer Profile Improvements

For accurate and smooth date picking, we updated the date format and added date pickers to the Customer Profile page in both the web app and POS. Learn more about Customer Profiles.

POS Document Upload Enhancement

When you upload a document for a customer, we have seen cases when the expiration date is past. We adjusted our system to support that workflow. Learn more about uploading documents to Customer Profiles.


New Invoice Sync Settings

We listened to your feedback and, supporting more accounting practices, added the option to automatically create an invoice in QBO when an outbound order is shipped in Flourish. Learn more about QuickBooks Online Sync Settings.

Supporting more QBO Item Types

Your controller and accountant will be thrilled to hear that we now support syncing "Non-Inventory" and "Service" item types to QuickBooks!

We encourage you to consider setting the inventory type in QBO as a “Non-Inventory” so that you can keep your inventory management in Flourish Software and changes in the inventory levels in Flourish do not sync to QBO. Learn more here on QBO Inventory Types.


Item UI Enhancement
  • To streamline the Item master data flow, we removed outdated fields and re-designed the Rules section in the Item Description.
  • Supporting the new QBO Inventory Types, find the Inventory Type within the Financial Reporting section of the Product Info screen.

Learn more about Item Creation and Management.

Label Maker Enhancement

You provided feedback, and we heard it, so we added Product Line and Usable Cannabis per Unit to the label maker. Learn more about configuring labels.


Now you can have a place to view the expiring packages across all your licenses. We added a global Expiring Packages Report.

To view the report, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage Settings.
  2. Click Analytics.
  3. Select Inventory - Expiring Packages.

External API

You want to be able to use our API to see what is on orders, so we added on_order_qty to the GetInventorySummary endpoint.

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