2. Differences in METRC and non-METRC installations of Flourish Software

METRC Installation

Non-METRC Installation

Upload package and plant tags (UID)

Flourish-generated IDs

Destinations sync, labs not separated

Destinations and labs have to be entered

Enter Vendors, non cannabis supplies, raw materials

Manual entry of all cannabis, non-cannabis, business partner and other info

BoMs have to be entered AFTER sync is complete/final so item can be in place first

Enter BoMs whenever able, at item creation or retroactively

Enter Machines, run types and areas for manufacturers

Enter Machines, run types and areas for manufacturers

Cultivation - areas sync in with a multiplication logic and needs clean up for smooth process

Cultivation - get facility map from customer if possible and enter areas and locations manually

Cultivation - set up mother room in flourish

Cultivation - set up mother room in flourish

Testing - only lab results of “pass” or “fail” come through under “External Lab result” columnTesting - lab results specifics are manually entered

Testing - all data points for testing are manually entered and pass or fail come through in “Lab Result” column

Destinations - sync in as “other” type only*Matters for CA due to taxes in place

All destinations manually entered

No use of Item Variations - they don’t sync to METRC

Item variations can be used and is useful

Tagging functionality - needs Dev team as they have to be set up per item

Tagging functionality - enter in as item is being created

Transfers tab for inbound and outbound useful

Transfers tab to be removed from visibility in User Roles

No out of state movement

Out of state, potentially out of country movement (Hemp)

Create package from BoM option cannot combine > 1 package due to each METRC tag/UID being associated to test results/COA

Create packages from BoM action - no constraints

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