Flourish COA Portal QR Code - Arizona Requirements

COAs uploaded to Flourish and marked as Primary will generate a unique scannable QR code for that can be added to Package labels in Flourish. The scannable QR code directs end consumers to our Flourish hosted landing page, containing all required information as per regulations AZ QR Code Requirements. This QR Code can be easily configured in our label maker, with a new dedicated section for the configurable COA QR code.


Uploaded lab test results need to be marked as primary in order to be stored online and linked to the COA QR code.

Adding COA QR Code to Labels

  1. Click the gear box in the top right corner to navigate to Manage Settings.
  2. Click Facilities then the green pencil icon under the Configure column next to the desired facility.
  3. Click Labels.
  4. Select Package Labels from the type dropdown.

  1. Under the Barcode area there is the Flourish COA Portal QR Code.
  2. Click to enable the Flourish COA Portal QR code on the desired label template. The size and location can be edited as with other barcodes.
If you want to create a label with ONLY Flourish COA Portal QR Code, add at least one Element to the label for it to print—more on Element Settings. See below for an example of adding an element to the label with just the QR code.

  1. When done configuring your label, click .

QR Code only template

The following is how to create a label template if you wish to print a label with only the Flourish COA Portal QR Code code on it.

  1. Click the green plus sign next to template to create a new template.
  2. Disable all the currently ON Element Settings by clicking off the green check box in the ON column.
  3. Configure the template per your label dimensions and align the Flourish COA Portal QR Code as detailed above.
  4. Click Add Static Element.
  5. Configure the static element by disabling Show Title and removing any text from the CONTENT column.
  6. Click Save.

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