2023.08.22 Software Release 4.93.0

Version 4.93.0


  1. Labels
    Added several new compliance fields to Labels.
  2. Inventory
    We’ve enabled sorting for quantities in the All Inventory table.
  3. Grow
    You can now change a harvest’s location, updating METRC if applicable.
  4. Admin
    1. Ref fields 4 & 5 are now visible and editable for items.
    2. We added the Number of Servings per Unit to the item, bulk item update, and label maker.
    3. Rules and Financial Reporting are visible and editable for Non-Inventory items.
  5. METRC
    1. Increased character limits METRC Item Ingredients to 1000 characters.
    2. Improved reverse sync logic for improved sync speed and to prevent database locks.
    3. Missouri 2023 Categories Transition - helping you with the transition following Bulletin Number: MO_IB_0022.
  6. External API
    1. Added all available attributes to the GetItem/GetItems API endpoints
    2. Added the original package size to the GetInventory API endpoint
  7. QuickBooks
    1. Moved the Disable Integration button to the bottom of the Settings page.
    2. Enhanced the Map Items table.
    3. You can now transition an Item from Inventory Types "Inventory" to "Non-Inventory".
  8. Analytics
    Added Sales Rep column to the Opportunity Insights widget on the Wholesale Sales Dashboard.



To accommodate new METRC label requirements, we added the Number of Doses per Unit, METRC Item Ingredient, and METRC Administration Method to Flourish Labels. Learn more about configuring labels in Flourish.


Sort all quantities in the All Inventory table in Ascending or Descending order. Learn more about managing inventory in Flourish.




We now support changing the location of a harvest. For our METRC clients, the change of location in Flourish also syncs with METRC. Learn more about changing the location of plants & harvests in METRC.


More reference fields

You can now see and edit Ref fields 4 & 5 in the Item Description.

Number of Servings per Unit

We added the Number of Servings per Unit field to the Item Description, Bulk Item Update template, and Labels.

Non-Inventory items enhancement

You can view and edit the Rules and Financial Reporting for Non-Inventory items.


METRC Item Ingredients

To accommodate new METRC requirements, we increased character limits for METRC Item Ingredients to 1000 characters.

Enhanced reverse sync

We improved the reverse sync logic with all state track and trace systems for faster sync speeds and to prevent server locks from occurring.

Missouri 2023 Categories Transition

After meeting some of our friends in Missouri, we put out a plan to help you with the transition, following Bulletin Number: MO_IB_0022. Check out Missouri 2023 Categories Transition - Next Steps.

External API

Get Items

We expanded the GetItems and GetItem API endpoints to include additional data. Please see the API documentation for more details. 

Get Inventory

The GetInventory call returns the original size of the packages.


Disable Integration button moved

To prevent accidentally turning off the integration, we moved the Disable Integration button from the top (next to the Save button) to the bottom of the Settings page. 

Map Items Enhancements

We made several improvements to the Map Items table. These improvements include:

  1. We now display SKU under the Item Name. Items are still searchable by Item Name or SKU.

  1. You can now define the Item Type when syncing items to QuickBooks, so we added the Item Type column as a column. Learn more about Item Types in QuickBooks.

  1. The Sync Accounts from QBO button is now on the right.
Improved Chart of Accounts Dropdown

To better manage large lists of accounts, you can now search for accounts in the dropdown when selecting the Expense Account, Income Account, or Inventory Asset Account.

Transition an Item from Inventory to Non-Inventory types in Flourish and QBO

You can now change a Flourish single item synced with QuickBooks Online from Inventory Types Inventory to Non-Inventory on both platforms. Learn more here.


We heard your feedback and added a Sales Rep column to the Opportunity Insights widget on the Wholesale Sales Dashboard. You can find this report in Analytics > Dashboards > Wholesale Sales. Learn more about sales reports in Flourish.

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