Missouri 2023 Categories Transition - Next Steps

Updated by NIr Malchy

After meeting some of our friends in Missouri, we put out a plan to help you with the transition, following Bulletin Number: MO_IB_0022.


Before you start, you must map your custom categories to the “Final Packaging” Categories. Here is how you do that.


This is what we learned:

  • You have February 1st, 2024, to sell all of the inventory with the old packaging.
  • Starting September 1st, 2023, the new packaging requirement is a part of the approval process for new items.

The plan

You can do the following with our help:

  1. Create all the new items (AKA - "Final Packaging") with the new categories and data fields before September 15th to avoid the approval process. We can help with that.
  2. Create any new inventory with the new items (AKA - "Final Packaging").
  3. Once you sell out the inventory on an old item, deactivate it. 
Due to tags allocation concerns, the State of MO asked operators to keep the inventory of the old items instead of converting the inventory to the new items.


You have a current item:

  • Name: "My Cart .5g - Granddaddy Purple" 
  • Category: "Vape Cartridge"

Step 1

Create a NEW ITEM 

  • Name: "My Cart .5g - Granddaddy Purple - Final Packaging" 
  • Category: "Vape Cartridge (Final Packaging)"

Fill out all the data fields according to Bulletin Number: MO_IB_0022

The "- Final Packaging" added to the name is an example. You can call it "My Cart .5g - Granddaddy Purple - Finished Good" or anything else, and if you are consistent with what you append, we can help, as I will explain below.

Step 2

Now that you have two items:

  • Create with "My Cart .5g - Granddaddy Purple - Final Packaging" for any new inventory.  
  • Sell the "My Cart .5g - Granddaddy Purple" inventory by 2/1/2024—when you sell it all, deactivate this item.

Next steps

If you want to proceed this way, please follow the step below:

  1. Decide what you want to add to the name of the item ("final packaging", "Final Tested" or something else).
  2. Use the Bulk update to download a CSV file.
  3. Edit the CSV file:
    1. Remove from the file all the items that are not relevant. Keep only the items that you want us to create new for you.
    2. Fill out all the new data fields according to Bulletin Number: MO_IB_0022. Do not change the order of the columns in the spreadsheet.
    3. Follow the instructions for the following columns: ID, Name, RetailDisplayName, SKU:
      Do not delete columns. Delete the rows of the items that are not relevant.
  4. Send us the CSV file us using a support ticket, and let us know what you'd like us to add to the name ("final packaging", "Final Tested" or something else).
  5. We will create and sync all the new items to METRC for you.

If your system is integrated with QuickBooks Online or Leaflink:

The bulk create action does not create a new item in Leaflink / QuickBooks Online.
The new items we create for you will not be in QBO or Leaflink.

It is up to you to handle the new items (creation, sync) in Leaflink or QuickBooks Online. We will be happy to help with that if you have questions.

We are committed to supporting you in this transition!

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