2024.04.16 Software Release 4.104.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.104.0


  1. Outbound
    Added the NY potency tax on the Outbound Orders
  2. METRC Cultivation
    Retry Sync Harvest after moving.
  3. BioTrack Manifesting
    Connecticut - Removed the 24-hour restriction on creating a manifest.
  4. Reporting
    New report - Manufacturing - All BOMs


We will perform brief but critical maintenance on the night of April 15th. Between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am EST, Flourish Software may be unavailable for 5 to 15 minutes during maintenance.


NY potency tax on the Outbound Orders

Keeping New York operators in compliance. New York licensed adult-use cannabis distributors shipping to adult-use cannabis product retailers are required to collect a tax based on the item's potency. If you are an operator in this state, you will see this potency tax or cannabis product tax on the outbound order. Learn more here.

METRC Cultivation

Retry Sync Harvest After moving

You can retry sync a Harvest that went out of sync after it was moved. Learn more on METRC Harvest - Retry Harvest Sync.

BioTrack Manifesting

Remove the 24-hour restriction on creating a manifest.

For BioTrack Connecticut:

BioTrack has imposed a 24-hour restriction on creating a manifest for non-lab destinations without QA samples (In other words, you could only Manifest lab samples to labs without waiting 24 hours). 

BioTrack CT lifted this restriction, and we are updating Flourish to follow up on this action. You no longer need to set the "Approx. Arrival Date/Time" to 24 hours or more after you sync the Manifest.

Learn more about Manifesting in Flourish for BioTrack Clients.


New Report

Manufacturing - All BOMs - This report displays all the BOMs.

  • Find it in Settings / Analytics / Reports / Manufacturing - All BOMs

You can save time and stay organized using this report to view and export your Bills of Material.

Manufacturing - All BOMs

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