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  • You can set the default printers for labels and receipts in the POS.
  • When you print, you can select other printers.

Set the default printers

  1. On the POS, find the printer icon on the top right:
  2. Click the printer icon to open a modal where you can set the selected label and receipt printer.
  3. Check the box next to Use network devices to choose from a list of network printers.
  4. Uncheck the box to instead choose from the list of local system printers.
  5. Select your printers from the dropdown.
  6. To clear the selected printer, click on the
  7. Click

Good to know

  • If you just added new network printers in the web application (in Settings > Facilities > Printers), click the Refresh Printers button to add them to the dropdowns.
  • If you reach the payment screen for a purchase without a receipt printer selected, the system will display an warning message:

Select printers when you print

When you click the Print Customer labels button in the shopping cart, you will be able to select a label printer at that time. If you previously selected a label printer, it will be chosen automatically. If you change the selection to a different label printer here, it will become the new default.

Web App Settings

You can set all your default printers on the web app by clicking your name and selecting Print Settings:

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