2022.11.1 Software Release 4.73.0

Updated by NIr Malchy

Version 4.73.0


  1. Retail
    Display and search by Original ID.
  2. METRC
    Supporting South Dakota METRC.
  3. Leaflink Integration
    Sync Leaflink Customer Notes.
  4. Inbound
    Display additional fields next to item names on purchase order lines.
  5. Manufacturing
    Manufacturing waste log.
  6. Inventory counts
    Refreshing inventory count details.
  7. Non-Inventory Items
    Add non-inventory items when you Apply Additives to Plants.



We added the ability to search the global search by Original ID, which corresponds to the Order ID in the external system (for example, Jane/WooCommerce) that synced the order to Flourish.

We added the Original ID in parentheses under the Flourish order ID on the screen and the purchase detail screen.


We are pleased to report that we now support South Dakota METRC.

When a sales order is synced from LeafLink, the Customer Notes from LeafLink are synced to the sales order in Flourish Software as Internal notes. Learn more here on Order Notes.


You can set additional fields to display next to the item names on purchase order lines. Learn more here.


We added a waste log to the Manufacturing module and will continue adding data to this log. Learn more here.

Inventory counts

Occasionally, a user may start an inventory count. Still, before they complete the count, some inventory quantity snapshotted in the count may be assigned to orders or manufacturing runs, which can cause confusion and discrepancies. We created the process below to resolve the differences. Learn more here.

Non-Inventory Items

You can add non-inventory items when you Apply Additives to Plants. Learn more here.

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