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Flourish integrates with the Florida MMUR (Medical Marijuana Use Registry) to validate and auto-dispense patient purchases via the CureAPI. As of July 26, 2022 any purchases on behalf of a patient under the age of 18 will require a caregiver to be associated with the order.


When checking in any patient under age 18, when you select Add to Queue before starting a sale, there will be an interim modal that opens to require you to select a caregiver before proceeding.

Select and verify the appropriate caregiver for the patient at the time of check-in, and the caregiver will remain associated with the order throughout the process of the sale, including on validation and dispensation.

Shopping Cart

If for some reason you need to change the caregiver, you can do that in the shopping cart.

Find the caregiver info next to the View State Registry link in the customer detail, and click the pencil icon next to the caregiver's name to open the same modal we just saw in the check-in flow.

In the case of a pickup order for a minor created outside the point-of-sale application, a caregiver will still be required when attempting to validate the purchase. So, in both the web application purchase detail and POS, you will find an Add Caregiver link where the caregiver info is shown above. See below for details.
What if a patient under the age of 18 has no approved caregivers?

If the minor has no approved caregivers in the MMUR, you will encounter the following error in the caregiver modal:

In that event, the CureAPI will prevent validating or dispensing the purchase on behalf of the minor patient, so the caregiver attempting to make or pick up the purchase would need to ensure they are approved by the MMUR before proceeding with the sale.

What if a caregiver is making or picking up a purchase on behalf of an adult patient?

It will still be possible to choose a caregiver in the POS shopping cart and in the web application purchase detail screens for an adult patient, but the caregiver will not be required to validate or dispense the purchase. The best practice would be to choose the approved caregiver when one is making or picking up a purchase for an adult patient, so that validations and dispensations are associated with the caregiver appropriately.

If I accidentally selected the wrong caregiver, or chose a caregiver for an adult patient by mistake, can I fix it?

Yes. For adult patients it will be possible to choose the option None in the caregiver selection modal if a caregiver should not be associated with the purchase. This option will not be available for minor patients, since the MMUR requires a caregiver.

What if I accidentally validate or complete the sale for a minor caregiver without selecting the caregiver?

This should never happen, as long as you Validate the purchase after packing it. Flourish will ensure that a caregiver is selected if required prior to opening the validation modal. You will encounter a warning like the one shown below, and you can simply choose a caregiver and retry.


Web Application

The same features to assign a caregiver to a purchase will be available in the web application purchase detail screen for both minor and adult patients. Navigate to Retail > Purchases and select the appropriate purchase.

Under the customer/patient name you will find the caregiver information, or a link to Add Caregiver if none has been selected.

Clicking Add Caregiver will open up the same caregiver selection modal we saw in the POS:

On submit, the selected caregiver will appear beneath the customer/patient name, and will remain editable until the purchase is final.

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