2020.06.29 Software Release 4.15.0




  1. METRC Retail Purchase Retry
  2. BOM Update
  3. Auto-Print Package Labels Upon Receipt
  4. Payment Terms for Destinations
  5. Manufacturing UI Update
  6. Context Field Search


  1. METRC Retail Purchase Retry

    Tired of feeling helpless when a retail purchase gets out of sync with METRC? So are we. Similar to the retail delivery retry functionality that's already in the app, we are adding a sync status column to the All Purchases grid for METRC retail facilities, and if a purchase is in either Out for Delivery or Completed status and shows up with a sync status of Pending or Out of Sync, you'll be able to pop open the retry modal and re-send it to METRC.
  2. BOM Update

    Nothing will change for historical BOMs
    We understand that creating inventory from Bills of Materials is a central part of any manufacturing business. We have updated the BOM workflow in Flourish to allow greater flexibility and save you time! The first update lives on the BOM for an item page under Admin. Previously you could edit the components without having the BOM in edit mode. Now, you click edit to change the components and all other attributes of the BOM. We also extended the Component grid so you no longer have to scroll in a small grid to see all of the components!
    When adding components to a BOM we have added the ability to select not only an item but also a category and a UOM. When a category is selected, you will select the category for which items that have the same UOM can be selected from when using a BOM from the Inventory module of the web app. For example, if a category of Labels and UOM of each is selected on the Admin BOM, in the Inventory module you have select from all items with a category of Labels and a UOM of each!

  1. Auto-Print Package Labels Upon Receipt

    Reducing clicks is the game we are playing with this enhancement. Users that have workflows where inbounding several packages at a time can get a little crazy will appreciate this. Under Manage Settings > Configuration, toggle on Auto print package labels upon receipt on the Inbound card. Once all the package info is entered and you click Receive, the package label will be sent to the selected printer.
The printer must be pre-configured!

  1. Payment Terms for Destinations

    Payment terms for destinations are typically standard. To reduce the time it takes to create an order we added the ability to set the payment terms on the destination. Once the terms are set on a destination under Manage Settings > Distribution > Destinations, when you select that destination on future orders, the default payment term will be selected automatically (but can be overridden as needed).
  2. Manufacturing UI Update

    Sometimes we like to keep things freshhhh. We updated the UI of the Manufacturing module to make the Inputs grid is slimmer and easier to read.

Some users have requested the ability to search for items with an attribute other than the item name. With context field search you can filter items in the dropdown by name or by context attribute. To enable this feature go to Manage Settings > Configuration and find the Application card. Under Item Selectors you can configure whether the Item/Variation Name or Retail Display Name is displayed in selectors throughout the web app. If you then configure an optional context field from one of the below attributes, that attribute will appear in parentheses next to the item name, and the item list will be filterable by either value.


  • Category
  • Item name or variation name
  • Part number
  • Retail display name
  • SKU
  • Strain

For example, if the item has a name of Bulk Flower - Blue Dream and SKU of, you can filter by in the following areas to find the item:

  • Inbound order line
  • Outbound order line
  • Create package
  • Convert package
  • Create lab sample
  • Create inventory from BOM
  • Manufacturing inputs/outputs
  • Inventory audit
  • All Inventory global search
  • All Packages global search

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