Creating a Custom Category

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By default, Flourish uses a list of simple item categories. If you want your categories to be more descriptive, or if you want to integrate seamlessly with LeafLink, you can create and assign your own custom item categories.

If you are integrated with METRC, you must map your custom category to a METRC category to sync your item to METRC. Learn how to map a custom category to a METRC category.

Creating a Custom Category

  1. Go to Settings > Inventory.
  2. Select Classes & Categories > All categories.
  3. On the Item Categories in Flourish screen, click the Create New Category button.
  4. Type the Category Name.
  5. Select the Item Class.
  6. Toggle Can Create Plants on if you need to create plants from this item.
  7. Click Save and wait until you see a success message.
If you are integrated with METRC, proceed to map the category to a METRC category.

METRC Facilities

Depending on the state, METRC sets categories for each item. Each category represents a different type of item. Typical categories include:

  • Buds/Flower
  • Trim
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles

Flourish allows you to customize your categories and display a different name than the METRC category. Once you create your custom category, you must map your custom category to the state-designated category METRC allows.

Map Your Category
  1. After you've created your custom category, click the Add System button.
  2. Select the State.
  3. Select the Compliance System.
  4. Select the Compliance System Category.
    1. This is the METRC category you wish to map the custom category to.

Once the category has successfully synced with METRC, you will see a Yes in the SYNCED? column. Below is an example of a successful custom category mapping in the state of Oregon.

  • See the instructions above on how to create a Custom Category.
  • Check out this video to learn how custom categories help you precisely map Flourish Categories to the Leaflink Sub-Categories:

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