Integrating to Flourish via Zapier

Zapier is a powerful tool that can be used to connect all the tools you use every day and automate workflows.

First, you need a Zapier account to integrate with Flourish Software.

To request access, please email and let us know the email you use for your Zapier account. We will send you an invite to the email you send us.

Once you have access, you can authenticate using an external API key. Please follow our help doc to generate an external API key.

After generating, use the username and password on the user profile to authenticate:

Once you authenticate, you will be able to build your own custom zaps.

How it works

Zapier 'Zaps' contain Triggers an Actions.

  • You can use Flourish Software events (Triggers) as triggers to initiate Actions.
  • You can use events (Triggers) to create Actions in Flourish Software.

Most of the actions in the Flourish API are available as Actions in Zapier.



Triggers are events that happen in Flourish Software and can start a zap. 

If the event happened, it will trigger the zap.

For example:

The trigger "Outbound Order Shipped" calls Flourish API every 15 minutes to see if Flourish shipped any outbound orders. If that event happens, the trigger "Outbound Order Shipped" activates the zap.

Learn more about the triggers and corresponding Flourish API calls.


Actions enable you to create, update, or search for things in Flourish.

Learn more about the actions and corresponding Flourish API calls.

Workflows examples

Here are a few examples of workflows:

Order Invoice Sync

  1. Ship an order out of Flourish.
  2. Zapier picks up the order details and sends it to your CRM.
  3. Report on sales alongside opportunities and other sales activities.

Retail Customer Creation

  1. The customer creates a new account on your e-commerce website (i.e. WooCommerce, Shopify, etc).
  2. Retail Customer is created automatically in Flourish.

Retail Order Creation

  1. Customer places an order on your e-commerce website (i.e. WooCommerce, Shopify, etc).
  2. Retail Order is created automatically in Flourish.
  3. Retail Order is completed in Flourish.
  4. Order is marked as completed on your e-commerce website.

Happy Zapping!

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