2023.07.11 Software Release 4.90.0

Version 4.90.0


  1. Inventory
    1. Set and update the Package Unit Weight for packages of 'Each' items.
    2. We added Bulk Actions to update the Unit Weight for multiple packages of 'Each' items.
  2. Cultivation
    Record Total Wet Whole Weight for the whole harvest. 
  3. Retail
    Prevent using a discount if it is a Loyalty reward.
  4. Inbound
    Non-Inventory items can no longer be added to Inbound Purchase Orders.



Set Unit Weight

You can set the Unit Weight for specific packages on creation should they differ from the parent item. Learn more here.

Update Unit Weight

After you create a package with an 'Each' UOM, you can update the Unit Weight For a single package

or multiple packages using Bulk actions - Update Unit weights.


Record the Total Wet Whole Weight of a Harvest rather than recording by the plant!  Learn more here.


More on Loyalty.

We added a "Loyalty Only" toggle to the retail discount configuration. When a discount is set up as Loyalty Only, it can only be redeemed as a loyalty reward at the point of sale. The discount will never be available to apply for non-loyalty members or for loyalty members who are not eligible for the corresponding loyalty reward.

  • If a discount is “Loyalty Only,” the POS will never display it on the “Manage Order Discounts” modal.
  • The POS will only display it on the “Loyalty/Discounts” tab only if it is eligible to redeem for the loyalty members.


To prevent issues with syncing to QuickBooks Online, we disabled the ability for users to add Non-Inventory items to Inbound Purchase Orders. We plan to add Non-Inventory items to Omnbound orders when we complete the Sync of the items to QuickBooks Online. Learn more about syncing Inbound Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online here.

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