Clone an Item to Create A New Item

1 Open Flourish Software and navigate to settings.

Step 1 image

2 Click Inventory

Step 2 image

3 To create a new item by cloning a similar item, start typing the item name in the inventory searchbox. 

Step 3 image

4 Find the item you wish to clone. Click Clone

Step 4 image

5 Type in the name of your name item. 

Step 5 image

6 Select the appropriate strain. Click Pineapple Express

Step 6 image

7 Click Save.

Step 7 image

8 Assign a Bill of Materials to your item. Click Bill of Materials

Step 8 image

9 Click clone an existing

Step 9 image

10 Click Select item

Step 10 image

11 Click Vape Cartridge 250mg Blue Razz

Step 11 image

12 Click Clone Variation

Step 12 image

13 Adjust necessary components. We need to change the label to reflect Pineapple Express, not Blue Razz. Note, all components must be set up as individual inventory items before they can be selected as a component of a Bill of Materials. 

Step 13 image

14 Click Update

Step 14 image

15 Congratulations! You have successfully created a new item by cloning another item!

Step 15 image
start iorad content - don't remove it

METRC users

After you click Save, select the METRC facilities you want to sync the new item. Flourish displays the "Choose Facilities for Item Sync" screen. This screen displays the facilities that are associated with your METRC API key.

  1. Keep the toggle ON if you want to create the new item for the facility. Toggle OFF if you wish not to create the item in the facility.
  2. Click .
  3. View the success message .

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