Add/Create Vendors

Flourish Vendors are the sources/distributors from whom you receive inventory (cannabis or non-cannabis). For METRC customers, vendors will match those vendors in your METRC setup for license-to-license cannabis transfers. These vendors are also synced for those customers integrated with an accounting system (e.g., Quickbooks Online).

You can use "Bulk Update Vendors" to update existing Vendors or create new ones.

Tutorial: Adding Vendors

  1. Open Flourish Software and click the gearbox icon to navigate to Manage Settings.

  1. Click Distribution from the left side menu
  1. Click Vendors
  • Tip: To search, Click on the Filter icon to search for Vendors by name
  1. Click on a Vendor Name to edit a Vendor
  1. To add a new Vendor, click Add New

  1. Enter the new Vendor Name and other information
  2. Click Save Vendor

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Add Vendor Type

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