Add/Create Vendors

Flourish Vendors are the sources/distributors from whom you receive inventory (cannabis or non-cannabis). For METRC customers, vendors will match those vendors in your METRC setup for license-to-license cannabis transfers. For those customers integrated with an accounting system, these vendors are also synced (e.g. Quickbooks Online).

Tutorial: Adding Vendors

  1. Open Flourish Software and click the gearbox icon to navigate to Manage Settings.

  1. Click Distribution from the left side menu
  1. Click Vendors
  • Tip: To search, Click on the Filter icon to search for Vendors by name
  1. Click on a Vendor Name to edit a Vendor
  1. To add a new Vendor, click Add New

  1. Enter the new Vendor Name and other information
  2. Click Save Vendor

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Add Vendor Type

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