2023.06.13 Software Release 4.88.0

Version 4.88.0


  1. Quickbooks Integration
    Users can set the Inventory Start Date.
  2. Admin
    You can now prevent users from exporting all grid data from any table in Flourish.
  3. External API
    Added Retail Delivery endpoints.


Quickbooks Integration

Before, when syncing items to Quickbooks, the Inventory Start Date was a hard-coded date. This caused errors for items with a start date before the hard-coded date. Now users set the Inventory Start Date in the Quickbooks Online Settings. Learn more here.


As a result of client feedback, Flourish admins can now prevent other user roles from exporting all grid data from any Flourish table. Learn more here.

External API

We add the ability to create retail deliveries and add/remove orders from them. Learn more here.

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