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Flourish Software Does not send the package Unit Weight to METRC.

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Why set the Unit Weight?

We developed this feature for clients who report to external systems that are not METRC, such as MMUR. Sometimes, when creating new 'Each' items, the new package's Unit Weight differs from the item's Unit Weight. With this feature, our clients can accurately test and report the amount of cannabis dispensed for a specific package they sold.


The only compliance related to the package-level unit weight:

  • Print as Unit Weight on labels (this value defaults to item unit weight if not populated).
  • As explained above, it is used in MMUR THC/CBD calculations, overriding the item unit weight only if it is set or updated.


  • Flourish Software does not send the package Unit Weight to METRC.
  • METRC uses the Unit Weight of the Item.
  • The only inventory level that matter is the quantity of the package.

Bulk Update Unit Weight

You can edit the Unit Weight for a single package only for UOM 'Each' items.

Follow the steps below to set the Unit Weight for multiple packages in bulk:

  1. Go to Inventory.
  2. Select Bulk Actions / Update unit weights.
  3. The system displays the package only for UOM 'Each' items.
  4. Locate the packages and check the boxes for the ones you want to Update the unit weights. You can also scan the package IDs to select them. The system displays the packages you selected and the Unit Weight data.
  5. Enter the New Unit Weight.
  6. Click Update unit weight.
  7. View the Success message.

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