Create Lab Samples when a Lab Test Batch "Required Testing" (LTB Option) is required.

METRC requires a Lab Test Batch (LTB) "Required Testing" selection or "LTB Option" when creating a lab sample package in specific states such as Massachusetts and Michigan.

The METRC API currently does not support passing the LTB "Required Testing" selection from Flourish to METRC. Due to this METRC limitation, you must create the lab sample directly in METRC and sync it back to Flourish.

Don't hesitate to contact your state regulator and ask METRC to address this.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. In METRC - Create the lab sample package.
  2. In Flourish Software - Go to Inventory and click the "Sync METRC Packages" button.
  3. Follow the standard outbound process to transfer the package to the lab.
Creating a package directly in METRC means this won't appear in our native ancestry and descendent tracking report because Flourish doesn't have visibility to the split. Once METRC updates its API, Flourish will support creating lab samples within Flourish, as in other states. Don't hesitate to contact your regulator to ask for this change.

Lab Test Batch "Required Testing" Selection, also referred to the "LTB Option" in METRC

Currently, in Massachusetts and Michigan, when you create a lab sample package, METRC requires you to select the lab test's purpose (LTB selection).

You can see below that you have to select from the multiple options when creating the lab sample package.

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