Lendica Integration

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What is Lendica

Flourish has partnered with Lendica to help our operators grow their businesses by improving cash flow. It's all accessible right from within the Flourish Orders Tab!

Lendica has financed the cannabis industry since 2019 and integrated with Flourish in 2021 to help vendors pay invoices. Lendica provides qualified licensed cannabis buyers and sellers with dedicated working capital by offering instant decisions with the lowest pricing in the industry.

  • PayLater: Capital for bills (A/P finance). Boost your buying power and optimize your cash flow by delaying payments to your vendors.
  • FundNow: Capital for receivables (A/R finance). Win larger deals and smooth out cash flow by speeding up collection from customers.
  • DrawDown: Capital for day-to-day operations (Working capital). Invest in larger purchases, more staff and empire expansion with flexible, non-dilutive capital.

To find out more:

  • Enabled by default, all Flourish users can see the Lendica Tab in the Flourish Outbound Orders screen. Only users with Billing Admin access can initiate applications.
  • For those not on Flourish yet, you can visit the Flourish landing page on Lendica's website or the Lendica Partner page on Flourish's website.

Using Lendica to Fund Invoices and Offer Financing Terms

Lendica will only see your company's name and information once you opt-in to use it and activate it with the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Outbound.
  2. Click the Lendica tab on the right side of the screen to expand the tab.
  3. View the general details on your screen. Click "Activate" to activate the service.
  4. If you need to refresh the invoice list, click on REFRESH INVOICES.
  5. To finance an unpaid invoice, Under My Invoices, click the Get Paid Now next to it.

For any questions, the Flourish or Lendica team can assist.


Users with Billing Admin access can use this service. To activate billing admin access, please reach out to us. Please see this help document for more info.
  • All the users can view the Lendica tab.
  • Service application requires "Billing Admin" permission.
  • Users with "Company Update" permission can enable/disable the Lendica tab.

Turn on/off the Lendica Integration

This integration is ON By Default! Operators who do not wish to see the Lendica Tab in Flourish, Please disable the service by following the steps below.
  1. Click Settings.
  2. On the Company Profile page, click Edit.
  3. Find the Configs.
  4. Toggle ON or OFF the "Enable integration with Lendica".
  5. Click
Log in and log out to see the setting updates take effect.

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