Lock Codes, Adjustment Codes, & Return Reasons

Inventory Lock Codes, Inventory Adjustment Codes, Inventory Return Reasons, and Order Cancelled Reasons are all set through Manage Settings>Inventory>Items drop-down menu.

Inventory Lock Codes

The ability to "lock" inventory is essential for helping enforce internal and regulatory controls and processes. Locked inventory is not available to create a new inventory or transfer outside of the facility. Flourish allows administrators to create custom lock "codes" to lock inventory for specific purposes.

On this screen you can:

  • Create a New Lock Code
    • Name it
    • Apply rules if applicable
  • Disable a Lock Code if it doesn't need to be an available option any longer
  • Enable a Lock Code that was previously disabled
  • Rename a Lock Code

View more on this detailed help document here.

Inventory Adjustment Codes

For many states, inventory adjustment reasons are defined by the state track and trace system. Flourish allows you to customize, enable/disable, and alias this list of adjustment codes. The state-required adjustment code is always passed to the state system. Adjustment codes justify increasing or decreasing inventory outside of receiving, shipping, or inventory transformation. For more useful information on how to create a new Inventory Adjustment Code, see the helpdoc on Inventory Adjustment Codes


  • Enable/Disable: Make the adjustment code available to use. 
  • Adjustment Type:
    • Batch: Used to adjust plant batches (cultivation only)
    • Package: Used to adjust the package quantity (cannabis)
    • Inventory: Used to adjust inventory quantities not in a package (non-cannabis)
  • Reason Code: This is displayed in the prompt for users to choose from a pick list when adjusting inventory
  • Reason Code Abbreviation: An abbreviation to the code. This currently is only used for reporting. 
  • Description: Opportunity to describe the note for an admin to refer back to as needed. 

Return Reason Codes

These reason codes are used when the destination rejects a product shipped out. While the reason codes are used when you reject a package from an outbound, you can create different reason codes from the Manage Settings>Inventory>Items>Inventory Return Reasons. On this screen you can:

  • Create a New Return Reason
  • Disable a Return Reason if it doesn't need to be an available option any longer
  • Enable a Return Reason that was previously disabled
  • Rename a Return Reason

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